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Analytical Biochemical Laboratory BV (ABL)

Synergy™ Readers Aid Contract Drug Discovery Analysis and Development in The Netherlands


Analytical Biochemical Laboratory BV (ABL) is an independent contract bioanalytical laboratory located in Assen, The Netherlands, that offers analysis and method development for early drug discovery stages. These methods include drug screening and cell-based assays. The company is one of five companies that formed an alliance as Integrex Research to offer pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies a complete drug discovery service package. Karel de Jonge, ABL's Head of Laboratory explains, "Each participant brings his own specific expertise that for each project may be used. Syncom synthesizes the components, or building blocks; Brains On-Line conducts pre-clinical drug studies; Lead Pharma (LP) Solutions specializes in computational chemistry; Nuclareon has expertise in receptor biology. Finally, ABL's contribution to the alliance is our focus on the analysis and screening in cell models."

A typical project is as follows. When a company has an undeveloped component that interferes with a particular target, the Integrex Research team is contacted. Syncom synthesizes a compound library consisting of tens to hundreds of compounds that are each slightly different than the starting component. ABL then develops an assay to test all the compounds for their ability to interfere with the target of interest. Based on the test results, synthesized compounds with the most potential are researched further. Brains On-Line may test the optimized compounds in animal models, and ABL may develop additional assays to determine possible side effects and determine selectivity. LP Solutions and Nuclareon help to gain insight into the compound’s mode of action and interaction with the target cell, thus allowing even more optimization.

Sometimes, customers provide assay methods, but in most cases, ABL has to develop a new assay for each compound in addition to method development and validation. De Jonge notes, “ABL’s staff of 36 people are involved in the entire process; their challenge is to find solutions. Everyone’s work is appreciated, which culminates in good results and low staff turnover.”
ABL operates an ML-1 lab, where cells are cultured under strict conditions to design and perform immunochemical assays. Other bioassays are also run, and BioTek’s Synergy™ readers with Gen5™ Data Analysis Software are used as they can handle the lab’s varied needs, including absorption-, fluorescence-, fluorescence polarization- and chemiluminescence-based assays. De Jonge is very pleased with his Synergy readers, saying, “The Synergy readers are high quality, reliable workhorses that we pretty much use for every possible immunoassay at ABL. A big plus is the Gen5 software that is much better designed compared to those of many competitors.”


 Dr. Karel de Jonge


To learn more about Analytical Biochemical Laboratory BV (ABL), visit their web site.
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Thanks to Dr. Karel de Jonge at ABL for sharing his BioTek experience.

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