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The Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden

Synergy™ H4 Expands Assay Flexibility in Umeå, Including Long Term, High Temperature


The Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS) is a government-funded, non-profit group dedicated to providing academic research infrastructure for the discovery and development of small molecules and molecular probes for life science applications. CBCS works with academia and industry throughout Sweden on high-throughput screening (HTS) applications, with a chemical library of 17,500 compounds.

Dr. Jonas Eriksson works in CBCS’s northernmost facility in Umeå, one of three CBCS locations throughout the country. In addition to assay development, he also conducts kinetic dose response experiments, custom synthesis and general chemical biology assays. BioTek’s Synergy™ H4 is a key instrument used in most of their campaigns, totaling at least 26 different techniques/assays including fluorescence-based assays, long-term assays (>24 hours) and high temperature assays (>40 °C).

Previously, two older microplate readers were used that did not match the lab’s needs for assay flexibility and throughput. Dr. Eriksson was familiar with BioTek as he worked with their Precision Microplate Pipetting System while at a previous company. He also remembered BioTek from LabAutomation 2011, noting that their bathroom-based ad campaign was, “bold and funny”, leading him to BioTek’s booth to check out the Synergy H4. He sent out a tender for a multi-mode microplate reader that could handle a variety of diverse assay technologies, and ultimately, the Synergy H4 was chosen.

Several months after installation, Dr. Eriksson notes that the Synergy H4 “runs and runs with no problems, no complaints” and also appreciates the “solid” onboard dual injection system. “We still discover things that we can do that we did not think of in the first place,” he says. “For instance, we did a 48 hour run with shaking at 57 °C just before Christmas, and while we’re still working on the assay design, the instrument worked great!”

Dr. Eriksson notes that as new assay technologies come to the lab, he appreciates the support provided by BergmanLabora AB, BioTek’s dedicated representative in Sweden. Additionally, he would consider more BioTek readers, especially the Synergy H1 or Synergy MxF, that can handle long daily runs or high temperature and shaking right out of the box without special adjustments. Dr. Eriksson summarizes his experience, saying, “With BioTek’s Synergy H4, I feel unlimited because I can do just about anything that comes my way at the moment, in terms of techniques and projects.”


Dr. Jonas Eriksson, CBCS and Brad Larson, BioTek

Dr. Jonas Eriksson, CBCS and Brad Larson, BioTek


To learn more about The Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden, visit their web site.
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Thanks to Dr. Jonas Eriksson at CBCS for sharing his BioTek experience.

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