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Deciphera Pharmaceuticals

Deciphering the Kinome


Deciphera Pharmaceuticals develops small molecule switch inhibitors that biomimetically inhibit the function of protein kinases. Deciphera is currently designing and optimizing these compounds on several oncogenic kinases including those involved in leukemia, melanoma and colon cancer.

According to Scott Wise, Director of Biology at Deciphera, Synergy™ 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers are at the center of what his group produces. A version of the standard PK/LDH kinase assay requires exquisite temperature control to achieve the desired result and uses BioTek’s Synergy 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with attached BioStack™ Microplate Stackers. The assay is run in kinetic mode for several hours with reads taking place every minute or two. “Our Synergy 2 readers have performed this task flawlessly and without error for a full year,” notes Wise. “The Gen5 software package also allows for real time data analysis and is very user friendly.” Kinase assays are also run in Wise’s lab using Transcreener FP technology.

In the cell lab, ELISA assays use the ELx405™ Microplate Washer with a valve control module for processing, and then move to the Synergy 2 for fluorescent, luminescent or absorbance analysis. Proliferation assays also use Synergy 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers with attached BioStack Microplate Stackers for walk-away analysis. Additionally, Wise is in the process of validating AlphaScreen® technology on the Synergy 2, commenting, “This will be a big cost savings since we can avoid purchasing a separate instrument for the AlphaScreen technology.”


Microplate readers from other competitors have been used in Wise’s lab, and while several are still used, they couldn’t match the flexibility, sensitivity, reliability and ease-of-use of the BioTek readers, and have even resulted in significant down-time. “We found that each of these [competitive] instruments could excel in one area or another but none could match the overall package of the Synergy 2,” says Wise. Additionally, Wise appreciates the increased capacity afforded by the Synergy 2 and BioStack configuration, saying, “With the Synergy 2, I know we can start an overnight experiment and the data will be there in the morning.”

Wise chose, and continues to purchase, BioTek products, including another Synergy reader and a Precision, citing the overall value, data quality, and responsiveness, availability and knowledge of BioTek’s entire support team. His local sales rep, Jason Fries, is in contact at least once per month and makes sure that any new relevant application information is quickly shared, and questions to technical support are promptly answered. Wise sums up his BioTek experience saying, “With BioTek, I feel confident in my purchase because they understand my needs as a small company and have refused to cut corners with their products. This provides high value for my research dollar.”

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Thanks to Scott Wise at Deciphera Pharmaceuticals for relating his BioTek experience with us.

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