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BioTek Helps To Streamline Nuclear Receptor Screening Services


INDIGO Biosciences in State College, Pennsylvania, offers kits and screening services for drug discovery and active ingredient determinations using their cell-based nuclear receptor reporter assay. A unique, robust cryo-preservation technique called CryoMite™ preserves the nuclear receptor reporter cells to simplify the overall assay process.

Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel, INDIGO’s Chief Scientific Officer and a company founder, notes that the company’s Services Laboratory used to run assays manually, using one receptor against one small group of compounds at a time. This limited throughput was cumbersome to the lab, and Dr. Vanden Heuvel sought a solution to increase throughput and decrease the overall active time needed per assay. The INDIGO 384-well assays are perfectly streamlined for automation, so the company initiated a search for the best liquid handling solution for its newly expanded service lab.


After some preliminary research, INDIGO invited three manufacturers to demonstrate their liquid handling equipment on-site. The company was already acquainted with BioTek; having a Synergy™ 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader in the lab for their luminescent-based assays. Prior to the demonstrations, Dr. Vanden Heuvel and Ewa Maddox, one of INDIGO’s scientists, created and sent a list of specific features they wanted to examine, including serial dilutions and rapid additions to 384-well microplates. After all the demonstrations, Dr. Vanden Heuvel and Ewa both felt that BioTek was the most knowledgeable manufacturer, and best prepared to showcase their products in the context of INDIGO's needs. Additionally, Dr. Vanden Heuvel says, "When comparing our needs against each instrument’s features and each company’s support, BioTek and their Precision and MultiFlo instruments offered us the best overall value."

INDIGO purchased a Precision™ Microplate Pipetting System and a MultiFlo™ Microplate Dispenser; and as part of the installation process, BioTek’s local Microplate Support Specialist conducted a full day of training specific to INDIGO’s processing needs. Ewa notes that she was especially impressed with the Precision Power™ simulation software feature integrated into the Precision system, which allows users to program and run a trial before starting actual experiments, thus saving consumables, reagents and samples.


After using the new instruments for several months, Dr. Vanden Heuvel reports that they can now screen many receptors against many compound groups at one time, thus increasing throughput. His lab can also easily transition into higher density microplates for the added benefits of reduced reagent costs and lower sample volumes.

Summarizing his experience, Dr. Vanden Heuvel says, "BioTek's Precision and MultiFlo helped us to streamline our process and increase our throughput, and their service people are knowledgeable, accessible and easy to work with."

To learn more about INDIGO Biosciences, visit their web site.

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Thanks to Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel at INDIGO Biosciences for relating his BioTek experience with us.


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