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How BioTek Stacks Up In The Netherlands


Dr. Liesbeth Jacobs is the Production Manager at Prionics in Lelystad, Netherlands, where they manufacture diagnostic ELISA test kits for farm animals. As part of the production process, the microplates are coated with specific antigens and subsequently washed to remove unbound material. Previously, this process involved manual coating methods and use of microplate washer/stacker systems that were quite old and unreliable. Dr. Jacobs notes, "We wanted more automation, and a system that was flexible and scalable."

During the research process into a new semi-automated system, Prionics was contacted by Rob Moen, Product Specialist at Beun de Ronde (BioTek's local distributor in The Netherlands). Mr. Moen discussed BioTek’s ELx405™ Microplate Washer, MicroFlo™ Select Dispenser and BioStack™ Microplate Stacker with Dr. Jacobs and the production team. "We explored BioTek’s products at the end of the selection process," says Dr. Jacobs. "Ultimately, we felt that they were the most solid system, and at a good price."

Prionics purchased 2 MicroFlo Select/BioStack systems and 4 ELx405/BioStack systems for their microplate coating and washing process. Installation was simple, and training was not necessary for the user-friendly systems, although the company is performing extended validation tests to ensure that the new systems maintain the high quality of their coated microplates. Dr. Jacobs is very satisfied with the semi-automated washing and dispensing systems, especially the MicroFlo Select, saying, "Antigen coating is the most expensive part of an ELISA, and the small dead volumes provided by the MicroFlo Select mean that we are wasting less precious antigen." The production team also appreciates that the BioStack Microplate Stackers can be moved from one station to another as the need arises.

She also notes that Beun de Ronde’s fast response times and close proximity, paired with BioTek’s high quality and reliable products, were very important factors in the purchasing process.

Freek de Jong, Prionics Production Team Member, coating an ELISA plate.
Freek de Jong, Prionics Production Team Member, coating an ELISA plate.

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