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Yuan Ze University

Exploring the Many Hidden Potentials in Plants


Dr. Li-Fen Huang is an Assistant Professor at Yuan Ze University Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering in Taiwan, ROC. Her research over the past three years has two goals. First, she is using plant molecular biology methods to engineer glycosylation pathways for protein expression systems within rice suspension cells. Plant-based expression is less expensive than mammalian-based systems, and also has lower biosafety risks. However, mechanisms that work in plant cells are not compatible with these in mammalian cells, so her lab must find a way to integrate these mechanisms in suspended rice cells. The second research goal is to manipulate plant photosynthesis for bioenergy production such as biofuels, biohydrogen and bio-electricity. In photosynthesis, ferredoxin (Fd), an iron-containing protein in chloroplasts, is a final electron acceptor, and when overexpressed, it may increase photosynthetic efficiency and lead to more electrons released from Fd in microbial fuel cells.

Dr. Huang and other molecular biology researchers in the University rely on BioTek’s Epoch™ Microplate Spectrophotometer for multiple assay types, such as protein, sugar, oil and cell concentration. She notes that with a broad array of needs, a flexible, compact and multi-purpose instrument was necessary. She was already familiar with Epoch from her work in a previous research institution, and found that BioTek’s Take3™ Trio Micro-Volume Plate added further functionality to the Epoch by simultaneously processing up to 16 of her DNA/RNA analysis samples, while only requiring 2 μL of sample.

Dr. Huang remarks that the Epoch system was easy to install and also has a very user-friendly interface. Her local BioTek representatives, Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd., conducted the installation and trained her. In turn, she trained her senior students, and subsequently, they can train junior students. She notes, "Epoch is inexpensive, easy-to-use, and gives very consistent results. Even new students are able to use the system correctly without troubling their senior students."


Yuan Z

 Front row, left to right: Li-Fen Huang, Ching-Rong Wu and Sung-Chieh Su
Back row: Ji-Yu Lin, Chia-Chun Tan, Chih-Chen Lin, Yu-Chieh David Kuo and Dewi Ratih Ayu Daning


To learn more about Yuan Ze University, visit their web site.
Yuan Ze

Thanks to Dr. Li-Fen Huang at Yuan Ze University for sharing his BioTek experience.

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