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초고속 플레이트 판독과 1 nm 단위의 UV-Vis 파장 선택이 가능한 BioTek의 PowerWave HT Microplate Spectrophotometer는 핵산 정량, 신속 정확성을 요구하는 작업에 이르기까지 다양한 어플리케이션에 적합한 장비입니다. 견고한 하드웨어, 입증된 광학 성능과 적은 설치 면적으로 작업 공간을 절약하실 수 있습니다. PowerWave HT는 벤치 탑, 자동화 시스템을 통해 다양한 응용 프로그램을 작업하실 수 있도록 설계되었습니다.

  • 200 nm – 999 nm with no interference filters required
  • Fast 96- and 384- well plate reading
  • Superior 4-Zone™ temperature control
  • Compact footprint well suited for automation
  • Gen5 Microplate Reader and Software for data collection and powerful analysis


빠른 작업 처리 속도와 공간 효율적인 디자인을 자랑하는 분광광도계 PowerWave HT는 신속 정확한 kinetics 와 UV-Vis 어플리케이션을 처리할 수 있으며, 자동화 장비 연결시 4-Zone ™ Incubation 및 shaking 기능을 더하여 고성능 자동화 시스템으로 사용하실 수 있습니다.
Kinetic ß-galactosidase assay
Kinetic ß-galactosidase assay

좀 더 자세한 내용은 Applications 페이지를 참조하십시오.


  • No Interference Filters Required
    Monochromator optical design provides continuous wavelength selection from 200 nm to 999 nm. Measuring wavelengths can be selected in 1 nm increments to meet all assay requirements – it’s like having 800 filters built in! Spectral scanning capability allows quick determination of peak wavelengths in unknown solutions.
  • Microplate Types
    96 and 384-well plates measured. In addition, the PowerWave HT can also read up to 8 of BioTek’s patented Bio-Cell™ quartz vessels for fixed 1 cm measurements.
  • Fast Reading Speed
    Using “on the fly” technology, an entire 96-well plate can be read as few as 5 seconds.
  • Temperature Control and Microplate Shaking
    BioTek’s 4-Zone™ temperature control is a standard feature with the PowerWave HT. BioTek microplate readers use a natural convection system rather than a forced hot air system. This reduces evaporation in the microplate across its broad temperature range of 4° above ambient to 50°C. In the reading chamber, the microplate is completely surrounded by four independently controlled heaters ensuring low variation across the microplate. Users select from four shaking intensities and can define shake time for controlled agitation.
  • Robotics Compatible
    The PowerWave HT's small footprint makes it ideal for robotic systems. The carrier is designed for easy robot gripper access. PowerWave HT is compatible with BioStack 3 and BioStack.
  • Gen5™ Data Analysis Software included with all models.

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 Madeleine (Maddie) LaRueImpacting More Than Just Data


We love making customers happy, we really do! And every now and then, we hear from one of those happy customers in a way that sparks huge grins as it radiates throughout the entire company. Madeleine (Maddie) LaRue is one of those customers. We are so proud to have made an impact in her life, and wish her much success as she continues her research and career.




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