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Synergy Neo2 Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader

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Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is designed for the screening laboratory, with speed and ultra-high performance. Variable bandwidth quad monochromators, sensitive high transmission filter-based optics, laser TRF and up to 4 PMTs provide ultra-fast measurements with excellent results. For walk-away automation and high throughput, BioStack Neo is the fastest on the market, and the barcode-labeled filter cubes help streamline workflows and limit errors. Synergy Neo2 features BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology™, with its independent optical paths that ensure uncompromised performance in all detection modes. Advanced environmental controls, including CO2/O2 control, incubation to 65 °C and variable shaking support live cell assays; cell-based detection is optimized with direct bottom illumination. Powerful Gen5 Software offers complete reader control, powerful data analysis, and automation and LIMS integration.


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Filter CubePurchase a Synergy or Cytation Reader for use with Agilent MitoXpress or pH-Xtra Assays and receive a free filter cube!


Download our Application Note to discover how combining MitoXpress and pH-Xtra reagents with BioTek plate readers provide sensitive detection methods, including advanced lifetime (µs) time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), for getting the most meaningful data out of your cell metabolism assays.



Synergy Neo2는 다양한 측정 실험을 필요로 하는 생명과학 연구 분야에 최적화된 장비입니다. 아래의 주요 어플리케이션을 포함한 다양한 어플리케이션을 빠르고 정확하게 진행하실 수 있도록 설계 되었습니다.

hTNFα analyte
hTNFα analyte titrations

hTNFα analyte
Nucleic acid quantification using PicoGreen®

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BioTek’s fastest, highest performing multi-mode microplate reader

BioTek’s fastest, highest performing multi-mode microplate reader
신속한 Kinetic 판독 속도(6초)를 갖춘 Synergy Neo2는 HTS 실험실에 가장 적합한 장비입니다. BioStack을 함께 연결하여 사용하시면, 여러 plate 처리가 자동화하여 신속하게 수행하실 수 있으며 실험의 효율성이 더욱 향상됩니다.


Scientific quad monochromators with continuously variable bandwidth from 3 nm to 50 nm

Variable bandwith
Synergy Neo2는 quadruple scientific monochromators를 갖추었으며 형광 측정 모듈에서는 3nm에서 50nm까지 1nm 단위로 선택가능한 bandwidth를 통해 특정 excitation, emission parameters에서 형광 물질, 샘플, narrow Stokes shift에 최적화된 detection 조건을 제공하며, 기존의 일반적인 monochromator보다 더욱 정교한 성능을 제공합니다.


Live cell assay optimized: CO2/O2 control, incubation to 65 °C and direct bottom illumination

Live cell assay optimized
최대 65 °C까지 온도 컨트롤, linear & orbital shaking, 가스 제어 모듈 기능은 최적화된 live cell assays 실험 환경을 제공해 드립니다. 필터 기반 하부 optical path에서 플레이트 하단을 직접 비추어 live cell 측정 감도를 증가시키며 dual reagent injector를 통해 빠르게 일어나는 반응을 신속하게 관찰하기 위한 inject/image 기능 또한 제공합니다.


Multiple PMTs including dual top PMTs for ultra-fast ratiometric assays

Multiple PMTs
모듈 구성이 용이한 Synergy Neo2는 최대 4개의 PMT로 모든 detection 모드에서 신속한 측정이 가능합니다. 2개의 상단 PMT는 신속한 ratiometric assays의 요구 사항을 충족시킵니다.


Gen5 Data Analysis Software; Gen5 Secure for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Live cell assays
Gen5 Microplate Reader 및 Imager Software는 사용이 쉽고 데이터 분석 성능이 탁월합니다. GxP 실험실을 위해, Gen5 Secure software는 미국21 CFR Part 11 준수를 충족시키는 버전으로 전자 서명, 데이터 보안 및 사용 권한을 포함하고 있습니다.

Winner of the SelectScience® Reviewers' Choice Award for Drug Discovery & Development Product of the Year 2017

Live cell assays
Synergy Neo2는 실제로 사용하신 분들에게 높은 점수를 지속적으로 받고 있습니다. – SelectScience Reviewers' Choice Award for Drug Discovery & Development Product of the Year 2017 와 Scientists’ Choice Awards® Best New Life Sciences Product of 2015 의 수상 경력이 있습니다.

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Synergy Neo2Detecting the Rhythms of Life with Synergy Readers


Most organisms have circadian clocks, which regulate 24- hour rhythms in a wide variety of activities and behaviors. In humans, the circadian clock regulates sleep onset and influences how much sleep you need. Not surprisingly, changes to these clock factors influence sleep, but also to a wide variety of disorders such as metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Dr. John Hogenesch, Ohio Eminent Scholar; Professor of Pediatrics in the Divisions of Human Genetics and Immunobiology and the Perinatal Institute; and Deputy Director, Center for Chronobiology at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the world’s foremost experts in the molecular mechanisms of circadian rhythms in mammals. His research centers around understanding how biological clocks work and leveraging them to improve human health.


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