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Lionheart LXAutomated Microscope

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BioTek’s new Lionheart LX Automated Microscope is designed with affordability in mind, offering an alternative to expensive, custom-built automated microscopes that are complex to learn and use. The compact, ocular-free hardware design eases ergonomic discomfort. Along with Gen5™ software, Lionheart LX enables Augmented Microscopy™, which fully automates image capture, processing and analysis. Load samples, start a run and come back to publication-ready images and quantitative data. Lionheart LX can help increase your research output while reducing processing time and costs.


What's New

Purchase a Lionheart or Cytation and receive patented Laser Autofocus or Gen5 Image+ software Free!



With its comprehensive feature set, Lionheart LX automates many microscopy workflows, including:

New AutoScratch Wound Making Tool automatically creates reproducible scratch wounds in 96- and 24-well microplates for cell migration assays.

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for Lionheart LX. Visit our Applications page to see more.


Affordable automated digital microscopy

4 filter cube

Lionheart LX has an automated 6-objective turret and can contain up to 4 LED/filter cubes for multi-channel image capture. The precise automated stage and autofocus, auto exposure and other Gen5 software features enable simple, automated image capture and analysis.

High contrast brightfield, color brightfield and fluorescence imaging

7_Cell Cycle

With brightfield, color brightfield and fluorescence imaging in four channels – and more than twenty available filter/LED cubes, Lionheart LX offers fantastic versatility that isn’t limited to image capture. Imaging processes from z-stacking to z-projection, montage collection to stitching; plus analysis from label-free cell counting to mitochrondrial membrane potential are all accomplished with Lionheart LX and Gen5 software.

Augmented Microscopy: Easy imaging workflow automation


BioTek’s Augmented Microscopy automates image capture, processing and analysis for publication-ready images and data. Automated image capture starts with image-based and laser autofocus, plus auto LED and exposure. Automated image pre-processing optimizes images for downstream analysis, from cell counting to characterization of subcellular details.

Quick analyze: instant cell count and confluence measurement

Gen5 quick a

Get cell counts and confluence calculations directly on the live camera feed. Gen5 software controls Lionheart LX to quickly find the region of interest and display counts onscreen without needing to capture the image. The quick analyze function works for samples in a variety of labware.

Integrated, compact design offers quick installation and setup

Lionheart LX

Lionheart LX integrates all microscopy hardware into a very compact footprint, saving valuable bench space. The easily accessible objectives and LED/filter cubes make setup and operation fast and simple, with a minimal learning curve.

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