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Product Overview:
BioStack Microplate Stacker

  BioStack 4 BioStack 3 BioStack
96-, 384- and 1536- well plates
24- and 48-well plates          
Max plate height: 23.2 mm
De-lidding capability (96-, 384-, 1536-well plates)
Nunc plates 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-well
Max plate height: 23.2 mm
10-, and 30- plate stack capacity
50-plate stack capacity
(non-lidded plates only)
Barcode scanner
Processing speed (plate exchange time) <20 seconds (with de-lidding)
<12 seconds (without lids)
<10 seconds <33 seconds
Direct control from instrument keypad
LHC2 PC software option for washers & dispensers
Gen5 Software control for readers