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405 TS Microplate Washer는 높은 편의성을 갖춘 최적화된 표준 워셔 장비로 다양한 어세이를 수행하실 수 있습니다. 특허 받은 Verify ™ 신기술은 매니폴드 튜브의 막힘 유무를 장비 스스로 점검하여 사용자가 결과를 시각적으로 식별할 수 있도록 쉬운 형태로 보고 합니다. 또한 405 TS의 자동 유지 관리 기능을 통해 자체 점검과 유지 보수가 가능한 마이크로플레이트 워셔입니다. BioTek의 독자적인 Ultrasonic Advantage ™ 초음파 기술을 사용하여 매니폴드를 완벽하게 자동 세척 하실 수 있으며 Cell-based, Microsphere-based 어세이에 적합한 프로토콜이 내장되어 있어 워싱을 빠르게 진행하실 수 있습니다.


Microplate washing is far from routine when the 405 TS is used. Beyond standard dispense/aspirate protocols, the 405 TS automates liquid handling functions for many applications, including sensitive cell-based assays.
  • Bead washing
  • Cell washing /media exchange  

Cells washed with straight tips
Cell monolayers washed with conventional straight tips can be severely disrupted

Cells washed with angled tips
Cells after washing with 405 TS angled dispense tips.

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for 405 TS. Visit our Applications page to see more.


Patented Verify™ clog detection technology and Ultrasonic Advantage™

Washer verifier

Verify™ technology, which runs an automated QC check for manifold tube blockage, and visually reports any failed wells. The patented Ultrasonic Advantage™ can then be used to automatically and thoroughly clean the aspirate and dispense manifolds.

High resolution, advanced touch screen user Interface


405 TS features high resolution touch screen user interface for intuitive and flexible programming of 96- and 384-well microplate wash protocols. The extensive onboard software seamlessly guides users through protocol development, instrument maintenance and operation.

405 TS

Programmable residual volume

405 TS

The 405 TS onboard software makes it simple to leave the wells empty or with the exact amount of residual your assay needs. Using the dimensions of the selected plate, the software automatically sets the aspiration height to leave the user-specified volume.

Password protection


Protocol critical protocols from unintended changes using the convenient password protection feature in the 405 TS software. Protected protocols can be viewed and run, but not modified by unauthorized users.

405 TS


USB flash drive ports for convenient file transfer and storage

405 TS thumb

Two USB ports on the 405 TS enable convenient file transfer, storage and operation.


Optimized for loosely adherent cell monolayers


The 405 TS can process sensitive cell-based assays with its angled dispense tubes and adjustable flow rates. The Dual-Action manifold and carrier offer X-Y-Z adjustment, perfect for optimizing plate positioning and residual removal for cell-based and other assays.

405 TS

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Customer Spotlight

Green Mountain AntibodiesConfidence in Washing that Lasts for Generations


Green Mountain Antibodies, in Burlington, Vermont, offers a wide range of services, including hybridoma and antibody development, protein production and purification, cell culture and assay development for customers around the world. The company’s reputation for attention to detail and quality craftsmanship underscores the drive to operate at peak efficiency, and for Rogelio Zimbron, Laboratory Technician who works on protein purification and high-throughput ELISAs, this means minimizing equipment downtime and unnecessary complexity in laboratory workflows.





SILA Luminex xMAP Approval
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