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MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser

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MultiFlo ™ FX는 6 ~ 1536 well 마이크로플레이트를 위한 자동 시약 디스펜서 입니다. Parallel Dispense™ 기술을 사용하여 Recalibration 없이도 높은 정확도를 유지하여 하나의 시스템에서 4 가지 시약 분주를 진행 하실 수 있습니다. 컬러 터치 스크린을 통해 빠르고 직관적인 프로그래밍 및 장비 구동을 하실 수 있으며 Wash 모듈 또는 RAD 모듈을 추가하시면 최대 5가지의 용액을 사용하는 다재 다능한 멀티모드 디스펜서로 구성하여 효율적으로 활용하실 수 있습니다.


What's New

Now with Automated, Gentle Media Exchange (AMX) and Custom-mapped RAD Dispensing!
RAD video
Automated Gentle Media Exchange of Suspension Cells using the AMX™ module for the MultiFlo FX
AMX video
MultiFlo FX - AMX for Gentle
Automated Media Exchange
RAD video
MultiFlo FX - RAD Mapped Dispensing


작지만 다재다능한 MultiFlo FX 디스펜서는 다양한 실험을 자동화하여 진행하실 수 있도록 도와드립니다.
  • Bulk reagent dispensing
  • Cell seeding
  • Cell washing /media exchange
  • ELISA automation
  • Bead washing

Plate map for drug addition
Plate map for drug addition in 8 channels with MultiFlo FX

The configurable MultiFlo FX
The configurable MultiFlo FX: 4 reagent dispensers and washer

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Multi-mode dispensing replaces multiple instruments

MultiFlo FX

Providing unsurpassed liquid handling flexibility, MultiFlo FX’s modular base can accommodate 1 or 2 peristaltic pumps, a 2-syringe pump module and a wash module or a single channel dispense. MultiFlo FX takes the place of multiple instruments, but is compact and very simple to use.

AMX™ module automates gentle media exchange

Parallel dispense

The patent-pending AMX module uses peristaltic pumps to gently add and remove media from the wells, without disturbing 2D, 3D cell structures (spheroids, tumoroids). It’s also useful for washing suspension cells.


RAD™ module for mapped dispensing

8 to 1
Import custom .CSV file for RAD dispensing


The unique RAD technology enables custom-mapped dispensing to individual wells to facilitate many applications including concentration normalization assays.


Wash module for 6- to 384-well plates

Wash module

The versatile wash module for MultiFlo FX enables 6- to 384-well washing with custom manifolds. Dispensing and aspirate tube positioning, fluid flow rate and wash parameters are fully customizable, and the angled dispense tubes provide gentle washing for cell-based assays. The module uses integrated dispense and waste pumps to keep the system compact.

Parallel Dispense™ technology: peristaltic and/or syringe pumps

Parallel dispense

Peristaltic pumps and syringe pumps each offer benefits; peri-pumps help save precious reagent, while syringe pumps are fast and precise. MultiFlo FX can be configured with 2 peri and 2 syringe pumps, allowing up to four reagents to be dispensed in parallel, without carryover.

Cell friendly angled dispense and/or wash tubes


For sensitive cell-based assays, the dispense tips on the MultiFlo FX dispense manifolds and wash manifolds are angled, allowing gentle reagent dispense down the well sides. This helps keep cell layers intact, even through multiple-step operations.

Product Reviews

Customer Spotlight

Mr. Charles TetaDepartment of Environmental Science and Health at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST)


In the Department of Environmental Science and Health at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Mr. Charles Teta specializes in ecotoxicology. His research includes uncovering the frequency and effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals in native fish, and analyzing hazardous chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides in the environment that may have originated from municipal landfills, mines and urban effluents. With several kinetic and end-point assay techniques already employed, the manual processes were time consuming, and human error was an ever-present risk when dispensing into a microplate with a single-channel or multi-channel pipette. If reagents were added too slowly, or mixed incompletely, the assays had to be repeated, thereby doubling efforts, sample volume and costly materials.




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