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Liquid Handling Control™ Software

Liquid Handling Control™ (LHC™) 소프트웨어는 Washers, Dispensers 및 Combination Liquid Handling System에 적합한 인터페이스입니다. LHC 소프트웨어는 아주 복잡하고 반복적인 과정들을 서로 연동시킬 수 있습니다. 또한 LHC 소프트웨어는 컴퓨터에서 직접 실행하거나 장비에 다운로드하여 사용하실 수 있도록 구성되어 있습니다.


Liquid Handling Control (LHC) 소프트웨어는 기본 세척 프로토콜 뿐만 아니라 다단계 세척 및 분주 분석 프로그래밍을 하기위한 간단한 인터페이스를 제공합니다.
  • Cell-based assays
  • Bulk reagent dispense
  • Automation integrations
LHC has an easy, step-by-step programming interface for liquid handling protocols, including instrumentation maintenance routines.

LHC에 대한 많은 중요한 응용의 몇 가지 예시입니다. 자세한 내용을 보려면 어플리케이션 페이지를 방문하십시오.

BioTek Field Applications Scientists (FAS) and Product Specialists provide unparalleled scientific support, assisting with experimental planning and assay optimization on BioTek’s instrumentation and software. Learn how they can help move your science forward… faster!


Full control of BioTek’s Multi-Mode Washer Dispensers, Washers and Dispensers

LHC screen

With an intuitive programming interface, LHC offers full control of BioTek’s liquid handlers for benchtop use or within automated system integrations.

21 CFR Part 11 compliant features in available LHC Secure


To meet the demands of the GxP laboratory, LHC™ Secure offers features to ensure compliance to 21 CFR Part 11. Flexible multi-user permission levels and electronic protocol and system audit trail signing are all available whenever additional security is required.

LHC secure


SiLA Compliance available to meet requirements of major automation system integrations


BioTek's LHC™ SiLA driver enables seamless integration of our industry leading washer and dispensers to automated systems conforming to international standards set forth by the Consortium for Standardization in Lab Automation (SiLA) creating open connectivity in lab automation.


Automation support for BioStack, BioSpa and third party automation integrations


For batch processing applications, LHC Software supports BioStack Microplate Stacker and BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator installations. Robotic integration of BioTek washers or dispensers to commercially available robotic systems is also seamless with Liquid Handling Control.


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