Discontinued BioTek Products

From time to time, BioTek phases out or discontinues the sale, development of, or support for a product as new products are developed. Below is a list of discontinued and unsupported BioTek products. Except where indicated, all models of the product are discontinued and unsupported. For information about suggested replacement products, contact your BioTek Sales Representative, Distributor or BioTek directly. Discontinued products are typically still supported for several years after they have been discontinued.  Contact TAC@BioTek.com with the serial number of your instrument to determine whether or not it is supported.


Absorbance Readers

Eon, µQuant, PowerWaveXS2, PowerWaveXS, PowerWaveHT 340, PowerWave340, PowerWaveX (models beginning with “PRW”), EL301, Ceres900, EL320, EL340, EL312, EL311, EL310, EL309, EL308, EL307

Multi-Mode Readers

Synergy HT, Synergy MX, Synergy 4, Synergy H4, Clarity, FL600, FL500


ELx405 (all models except ELX405 Select Deep Well), EL404, EL403, EL402, EL401, ELP-35, ELP-40


MicroFlo, MicroFlo Select


KC4 (December 2011), KCjunior (December 2011), KC3, KCII (DOS), KCJR (DOS), Datalogger (DOS)