405 Touch Basic Operation

BioTek's Jason Greene describes basic use of the new 405™ Touch Washer including priming the fluid path, washing a plate and sonicating the manifold.


Hi I'm Jason with BioTek. I'd like to show you how to prepare your new 405 Touch for daily use.

Touching the "Quick" button from the home screen allows you to perform all fundamental operations from priming the system to washing a plate and maintaining the manifold.

Always sufficiently prime the fluid path before washing a plate. Touch "Prime system" to fully prime the tubing and condition the manifold tubes. The
recommended prime volume for your washer model is displayed. This calculated volume ensures 95% or higher purity when changing wash buffers. Basic wash enables you to wash a plate by defining only a few important parameters while relying on defaults for more advanced options.

If  your 405 Touch is equipped with ultrasonic advantage a sonic eight manifold tab will be visible. This built-in ultrasonic cleaner will primeitself with cleaning solution sonic eight tubes and then reprime itself with wash buffer ready for the next process.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact BioTek's technical assistance center. Local contact information can be found in your 405 Touch Getting Started Guide.