405 Touch Creating Custom Protocol

BioTek's Jason Greene describes how to create a custom protocol incorporating optimized parameters for best performance with specific assay workflows.


Hi, I'm Jason with BioTek.  I'd like to show you how to create and save a custom protocol for your new 405™ Touch washer.

To create a protocol, first touch define at the home screen and then create. Touch the name field to open a keyboard enter a unique name for the protocol. If neededtouch the plate type field and select a different plate type. Touch the Add button to add a step to the protocol and define its parameters. If adding the step to others already in a list first touch the step to be preceded by the new entry before touching add. Continue adding steps as needed - touch save to save the protocol. All save protocols are stored on the home screen for easy retrieval. Touch the validate button to verify that the protocol has been correctly defined.
This is especially helpful when creating complex BioStack™ protocols to check the order of the protocol steps optionally you can touch test run to verify the
protocol performs as expected.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact BioTek's technical assistance.