Touch Screen Introduction

BioTek's Jason Greene provides an overview to the new 405™ Touch Washer's touch screen user interface.


Hi I'm Jason with BioTek. I'd like to introduce you to your new 405 Touch microplate washer and show you how to use its touch screen user interface.

The 405 Touch utilizes resistive pressure - sensitive technology which is perfect for all lab environments. You don't have to worry about humidity interfering with use and the 405 Touch can be used with any gloves and even a pointing device if you'd prefer.

Don't be afraid to press too hard with the 405 Touch a firm quick tap on the screen produces the best results. Use your fingertip or a pointer and keep in mind the touch screen does not support gestures like swiping and zooming you may be familiar with on your smart phone.

The 405 Touch's home screen stores all predefined and saved protocols. Simply touch a protocol to run it. Protocols can either be listed alphabetically or when last run the home screen also provides access to the four areas of the user interface. Touch "Quick" to prime the washer wash a plate or sonic eight the manifold if the washer is equipped with BioTek's ultrasonic advantage, touch "Define" to create and modify protocols, touch "Maintenance" to run maintenance in quality assurance protocols and touching instrument changes instrument settings obtains protocols from a USB flash drive, etc. Touch any field that requires a numeric value to open up field sensitive number pad use the number pad to specify volume, times and other values. To enter negative numbers use the down arrow.

Touch a field with a down arrow to open a pick list to select a value. Touch any text field or comments box to open a keyboard use the keyboard to name
protocols input runtime prompts etc. Touch the "Home" button to return to the home screen at any time. Touch the previous button to go to the proceeding
screen. Touch the question mark to learn more about a particular screen with the 405 Touch's context-sensitive help system. Touching any green buttons throughout the user interface will invoke washer actions.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact BioTek's technical assistance center. Local local contact information can be found in your 405 Touch Getting Started Guide.